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Want to find out what actual students think?

There is always something we wish we knew more about when it mattered most. Depending on your pathway you may be waiting for a response from UCAS or feedback from your employment interview. Response times will vary but it is important to stay alert of key dates, emails or messages once you have applied.

We strongly advise joining a shared forum (like The Student Room) to speak with people in similar positions around the world. You can search the forum for others who have applied for the same course/University and/or talk to students already there. It can be a great place to find out some informal information before you go. Many UK Universities have staff who engage with online forums and will provide answers to questions in discussions. Just remember that if you want to be sure to get the most up-to-date information, always contact the Department/University you have applied to rather than just relying on information from other students/applicants which may not be as accurate!

In the meantime, we have put together a guide of frequently asked questions to assist in the process - check out the downloads section!

What to take with you?

Packing for university can be a challenge, especially when deciding how much of something you might need or whether you hope a future flatmate will bring the pots if you bring the plates.

There are hundreds of things you might want to take to university, but remember: you're not moving to the moon. 

They will have shops where you're going, and it could be easier (and cheaper) to wait until arriving at university before buying some items. 

And while the moon has plenty of space (no pun intended), your new room probably doesn't. 

Save the Student has provided a handy guide to cover an questions when packing for university - see the link below.

Don't forget your school HE Champion, Careers Advisor or 6th Form staff will likely be able to provide further guidance too!

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