• Online Event
  • 10 June to 11 June


This is a free, annual, CPD-certified conference for education professionals working with students as they apply for and progress to higher education.

Led by internationally renowned researchers and practitioners, this lively and engaging event will offer unparalleled advice and guidance on how to support your students as we move beyond the pandemic, not just in terms of their academic recovery, but also of their mental health and wellbeing. We will also reflect on what valuable insights we have gained from the past year, and how we might take them forward.

Highlights include:

• Clare Marchant (CEO, UCAS) on student choice, now and in the future

• Professor Helena Gillespie (UEA) on how we can help students recover from the educational impact of COVID-19

• Dr Dominique Thompson (Buzz Consulting) talks about students’ mental health and how we can support them

• A Q&A session with a panel of HE experts 

• An interactive discussion on learning after lockdown