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Going to university or college is a big commitment, in both time and money, but by getting a degree your child will be making a big investment in their future. It will increase their chances of getting a good job and improve their earning potential. For many young people it is their first taste of independence and an exciting opportunity to try new activities and meet new friends.

Upcoming Events

Have a look at our list of upcoming College and University Open Event across East Anglia, as well as webinars and activities from the Take Your Place team. If you need further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch or contact the event provider.

Participate in research to help young people plan for the future

Participate in research to help young people plan for the future

Are you a parent or carer in Norfolk?

Take part in our new research project to help support your young person's education (AND receive a shopping voucher!)

Our new research project aims to help us understand more about what support parents or carers with children aged 14 to 18 need to help with their young person’s education and plans for the future

  • Destination: Online Event
  • Date: 8 July to 13 August 21
Selwyn College Webinar series

Selwyn College Webinar series

Sessions designed to help develop study skills ready for GCSEs, sixth form and beyond, make good A Level (or equivalent) and FE subject choices and make successful university applications

  • Destination: Online Event
  • Date: 15 July 20 Sept - various times
NUA Summer School 2021

NUA Summer School 2021

Register for Norwich University of the Arts (NUA) virtual 2021 Summer School

  • Destination: Online Event
  • Date: 28 July to 2nd Sept 2021
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